QFCRA Annual Report

To celebrate QFCRA’s 10th anniversary, we created a special logo to be used across the various communications and collateral.  Throughout these communications, we propose using a modern design that is deeply rooted in tradition which directly speaks back to the QFCRA’s both modern approach and Qatari tradition. The cover of the annual report is designed with geometrical lines and shapes, inspired from traditional sadu, yet treated and simplified to resemble financial charts. The choice of colours, brown and turquoise, are in line with the arabic look & feel and are QFCRA’s secondary colours. The thin embossed gold lines on the box are also inspired from Islamic patterns. The design of the charts and the inside pages, consistent throughout the book, follow the same concept, and the black and white photos, treated with duotone, reflect modernity and elegance. The same design is applied on the bag containing the box, and special stickers were created to be used as labels on mailing envelopes.
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