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The 2022 World Cup is going to be a showcase not only for Qatar but for the Arab world as a whole, particularly the GCC.
Which is why the award is also open to all GCC participants. The ideas that will come out of this initiative will be completely ours. They will be a reflection of the Gulf’s creativity, tenacity and commitment to putting up the best World Cup ever. All the ideas and innovations that will emerge from this contest will be truly MADE IN KHALEEJ.
From this point on, this concept is based on 3 elements:
Sports relevant elements: the visual, the headline and the typo, (the font is taken from sports items such as numbers on the t-shirts of the players, or fonts from the plan scheme) are a clear reflection of the main theme, that is the 2022 football championship.
The recurrent use of the number six: we see six players on the foosball rod, and 6 different layers on the cover of the brochure, and 6 icons for the website, as the idea is to represent the 6 GCC countries, as well as the 6 different categories of the award. 
This choice is only based on the number of GCC countries we have so far. If more countries are to become part of GCC, we can easily adapt by simply adding more characters. 
The double choice of colors is also related to GCC countries: for the brochure, we have used earth colors inspired by the desert and the nature of the countries, while the colors of the inside pages are the colors of the flags of the 6 GCC countries.
We have intentionally included women in the rod as this challenge is opened to everybody, for men as well as for women.

The website is designed in the same look and feel of the brochure, and follows the same style and ideas, and is focused on the energy of the game. 
For the home page, we have used the same foosball rod with the 6 characters representing the 6 GCC countries. The same six characters represented on the rod are used as the 6 icons representing the six categories of the award.
As we click on them, they move and make different sounds (foosball, cheering, and applause) and this effect adds life and is closer to the vivacity and cheering mood of the game.
The font used for the different categories of the website is the same one used for the brochure, and is also inspired from the plan scheme of football.
The colors are inspired from the GCC countries, representing the nature and the colors of the flags.
Technically, this website has a very convenient side and is very easy to use, as it allows the users to visit any category while staying on the same page, without having to back to the main menu every time.
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